Frequently Asked Questions

What constitutes a public performance?
Any exhibition of a movie outside the privacy of a home setting is considered a public performance.
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What if a video store or equipment provider says it is okay to exhibit rented or purchased movies?
These stores rent and sell movies for “home use only” and cannot provide legal permission for use outside the home. You can only obtain licensing directly from a licensor (such as Swank Motion Pictures, Inc.®), not from a third party.
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How much does an annual Public Performance Site License cost and what does it cover?
The annual cost is based on the average daily inmate population. It allows a facility the right to legally exhibit an unlimited number of entertainment movies as long as the movies have been legally obtained.
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Are there limitations to his Public Performance Site License?
Yes. This license does not permit entertainment movies to be used when an admission fee is charge, other than to cover costs. In addition, the movies may not be altered, duplicated or transmitted electronically in any form without specific permission from the copyright owner.
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Why is Swank Motion Pictures, Inc.® appointed to issue these Public Performance Licenses?
Since 1937, Swank Motion Pictures, Inc.® has distributed Public Performance Licenses and exclusive licensed movies to non-theatrical markets including correctional facilities, colleges and universities, hospitals, cruise ships, public schools, libraries, motor coaches, Amtrak trains and businesses. Swank has been appointed by major film studios as their licensing agent to provide a Public Performance License for the legal public performance of movies. The license fees compensate the copyright owners and the people who work on the film’s production. These royalties are the way publishers, authors and composers are paid for their work.
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Do we have to buy or rent any movies from Swank Motion Pictures, Inc.®?
No. Swank is authorized by the studios to provide your facility with a Public Performance Site License enabling you to legally show movies obtained from any legitimate source, such as a local video store. For your convenience, Swank also offers optional movie rentals, including special studio-edited movies and edited R-rated titles. These edited titles reduce excessive language, nudity, violence and sexual situations while still providing great movie entertainment.
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